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QuikLiq Mobile Dashboard

Accelerate Your Business Success through the QuikLiq Mobile App - Secure and Sustain a Growing Customer Base!

Maintaining an app can be a complex and time-consuming task, but by entrusting QuikLiq's expert team, you gain access to seamless app maintenance, ensuring smooth functionality, timely updates, and enhanced user experiences.

Admin Dashboard

Get a comprehensive view of your store’s performance with our Admin Dashboard. Easily monitor daily sales, spot trends in product demand, and understand customer preferences to enhance your stock management and pricing decisions. Plus, stay connected to your business on-the-move as you process platform orders with ease.


Revolutionize Your Marketing Efforts – Experience the Convenience of Sending Push Notifications, Crafting Coupons, Scheduling Events, and Offering Online Deals from Your Desktop or Mobile Device with Our Powerful Product Extension.


Simplify Your Online Business – Our Apps and Websites are fully E-commerce Capable, featuring Swift Activation Payment Gateway Integration for an Effortless (1,2,3) Setup Experience. 

QUIKLIQ University

Maximize Your Online Business Potential – QuikLiq Offers Personalized Backend Console Training from Your Key Account Manager, Empowering You and Your Staff with the Tools and Knowledge Needed for Effective Management.


Embrace the Power of In-Store Promotions – Explore Best Practices and Industry Tips in Our Weekly QuikLiq Newsletters for E-commerce Success


Stay Ahead of the Game – QuikLiq Empowers Your Business with Curbside Pickup and On-Demand Delivery Choices. Integrate our Services into Your App and Website Effortlessly, and Switch Between In-house Delivery and Partnering with Multiple 3rd Party Providers with Just a Simple Click.

QuikLiq's SaaS Business Solutions

E-commerce Websites / App

We offer -ecommerce FREE on all platforms.
QuikLiq designs and develops e-commerce platforms that empower stores to extend their business reach beyond their brick-and-mortar premises, driving growth in both sales and brand recognition.

QuikLiq Marketing

As a customer, you’ll be partnered with a marketing expert who will:

  •  Help set and maintain a profitable mobile/e-commerce strategy.
  • Assist with the app implementation process.
  • Social media rollout for your app launch to your target customers.
  • Be available for questions, guidance, and ideas that
  • will optimize your store’s performance.

QuikLiq Analytics

Get direct insights from your target customers and the market. QuikData, driven by QuikLiq, is a cutting- edge Data as a Service (DaaS) offering that grants you unparalleled access to in-depth off-premise retailer data in the beer, wine, and spirits domains. By extracting consumer and sales insights, as well as identifying benchmarks and trends from numerous stores across the United States, this high-frequency dashboard delivers a distinctive and highly customizable perspective to supplier brands, distributors, and retailers.

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