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Forever Changed: How Buying Habits, Retail Marketing, and the Beverage Industry Have Evolved.

State of the Market

Customers of the liquor store can conveniently place their orders online through the store’s app or website and enjoy same-day delivery to their doorstep – Quik and hassle-free.

Until recently, this idea seemed taboo. However, the beverage industry is rapidly transitioning into the e-commerce age amidst an increasingly digitized world. This change began a few years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and has continued to gain momentum, as many customers now prefer this method of purchasing beverages. Now, both brands and distributors have access to granular, store-level data, a breakthrough after a century of stagnation in the industry’s three-tier system. Companies like QuikLiq, a digital marketplace and tech provider, are driving the alcohol industry forward by integrating modern technology into its infrastructure, fostering better business relationships and delivering the best possible customer experience.

Market Landscape

38 States

5 Countries

1. U.S.A.
2. India
3. Nepal
4. Canada
5. South Africa

20 Stores

1000+ Stores

10,000 Users

1,000,000+ Users

Consumer Growth 775%

growth since January 2018.

Retailer Growth

We are adding 75+ retail accounts each month. A 160% increase since January 2020.

Platform Sales

A 2,400% increase in monthly sales since January 2021.


Partener with QuikLiq today!

Our ultimate objective is to establish ourselves as the leading e-commerce platform for alcohol SALES, marking the fourth tier in this domain. However, unlike our competitors, we are committed to prioritizing alcohol brands' aspirations and promoting alcohol awareness. We advocate that all our employees, clients, and partners undergo an alcohol prevention and awareness course to enhance business practices responsibly

Omni Channel Marketing

Our retail partner entrusted us with the responsibility to lead their digital campaigns. Brands trust us to connect them with their target audience.

Advertising Quik Benefits

1. Efficiency

Connecting directly with adult beverage shoppers is like the perfect pour….. No Waste.

2. Targeted

Optimize marketing budgets through the strategic use of geo-fencing, customer demographics, and sales trend analytics.

3. Effortless

Our consultants utilize the partnership admin dashboard to execute and oversee your campaign from start to finish.

4. Store Level Reporting

Previously unavailable data is now 24 hour accessible with a few clicks, making budgeting significantly more effortless.


Launch 360 marketing strategy with advertising and cross promotion opportunities for our brand partners.

These campaigns offer a highly localized strategy for programmatic advertising, fostering a unique level of customer engagement and providing detailed reporting that is unparalleled in the alcohol industry.

Banner Ads

 Strategically placed at the top of the store website and app promote new releases, seasonal campaigns, discounted offers, recipes, or anything else.

Featured Products

Featured Products stand out and are purchased more often. Customers see these products as soon as they enter the app or website.

Pop Up Ads

Pop Up Ads influence customer decisions with an average of 10% conversion rate. Increasing one-click-to-purchase consumer journey. 

Push Notifications

Limit customer FMO (Fear of Missing Out) by giving instant access to new arrivals, deals, special events, and Geo allocated items.

Marketplace Campaigns

Leverage our Marketplace Campaigns to showcase your brands and products throughout our Store Locator Marketplace

Just like Drizly or Minibar, but with enhanced features and exceptional performance, all achieved with a significantly smaller budget.

With QuikLiq, your ads and products will be strategically placed in front of potential customers, offering them access to on-demand delivery, pick-up options, and convenient product locators.

Distribution Campaigns

The primary objective of Distribution Campaigns is to support the growth of Black/ minority owned and emerging brands as they expand into off-premise retailers.

Our distribution campaigns cover both regional and national markets, providing direct access to a vast network of beverage store owners, managers, and buyers. This puts you front and center, offering a golden opportunity to present your brands and products to the most influential decision-makers.

Data Analytics and Reporting

In an industry where detailed sales data is scarce, QuikLiq’s reporting surpasses the competition by a significant margin. With QuikLiq, you get access to both templated and customizable brand reports, along with portal access to real-time sales data,

Quik Recap

QuikLiq can provide you with:

1. Gain access to our comprehensive platform of hyper-targeted consumers through integrated, multi-touch digital advertising campaigns.
2. Enhance your brand reach and boost sales by gaining direct-to-retailer access through targeted retailer ads.
3. Experience swift, transparent, and hassle-free reporting and analytics. This comprehensive package encompasses post-campaign and monthly sales analytics, empowering you to make well-informed, data-driven decisions.
4. Marketplace Consulting

5. Omni Channel Marketing
6. Offering a more granular and strategic approach. See where the dollars are going.

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